EAST POINT is a studio, specialized in fashion industry which offers full service via design, styling, management, advertising and manufacturing.

We work on the territory of all Europe and our main bases are in London and Varna.

Our creative and manufacturing teams consist of proven professionals in the fashion field and business who use their skills for creating high – quality productions.




pattern - makers

image making  

hair – stylists
make - up artists

management and marketing

specialists in management
specialists in marketing
public relation
event organisers



Fashion studios for wear, knitting and accessories. Manufacturing bases for knitwear, confection and work clothing wholesale.

We have contacts with fabrics manufacturers, assisting materials and everything necessary for the fashion and fabrics field as well as distributors for Europe and the Middle East.

We work with subcontractors in every field.

We have available photo studios, advertising agencies, model agencies and printing studios we work with in tight cooperation with whose help we are able to execute all projects for our clients.

services ljavo en

 projecting and clothing and accessories manufacturing

We cover each stage of the creation of the model: sketches, computer developments, models, patterns and sizes. The ready model may be produced at our base in small and large numbers, according to your wish.
 individual and collective styling

We consult and together choose what's best for the clients.
 realisation of advertising campaigns and promotions

Thanks to the experience of our professionals in various fields we may be useful in creation and realization of the art conception for the advertising and promotion of your products.
 branding and managing fashion stores and sites.


 fashion collections and accessories  for
fashion houses and labels;
fast fashion stores and boutique  clothing and accessories;
individual models.
We develop collection in tight cooperation with our clients, synchronizing each stage of the manufacturing so that the final product maximally corresponds to the requirements.
 costumes for
musical, cinema, theater, animation and advertising studios. We realize various in complexity projects in short term  and always with incredible attention to detail.
 uniforms for
offices, administrative departments, banks, hotels, restaurants. Acording to the assined task we fulfill prepared client's projects and offer original ideas for clothing in conformity with the particularity of the specific activity.
 promotional clothing
t shirts,  tanks, sweatshirts, hats etc. for printing;
ready printed products under assigned project.
If you plan promotion of your product or service we may help you brand the materials taking part in it as well as the promotion's staff.